Andrey Kuleshov, Mikhail Ivanov

Andrey Kuleshov and Mikhail Ivanov graduated the Moscow Institute of Architecture.
They are members of the Moscow Union of Artists
and launched the Dekart creative association in 1998,
where they are currently working.


Digital information storage is developing rapidly and will soon help people to completely structuralize all their accumulated experience. Separate structures joined in one global structure will make oblivion impossible.
However, an insignificant part of memory which resists digitalization will not be in demand. Odds and ends of memories, connections, vague thoughts and images, having not become a common heritage, will take their places in a columbarium.

The Columbarium project shows the principal storage structure of “non-digital memory” and consists of three parts:
1. Exponential material
1.1. A tower with dove house
1.2. Plan “A”
1.3. Plan “B”
2. Horizontal storage systems
3. Vertical storage systems

Columbarium (Lat. columbarium, original meaning “dove house”, from columba — “dove”) is a place where funeral urns are stored. In Ancient Rome special buildings with rows of semicircular roofs were erected for columbariums.

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