Anton Litvin

litvinAnton Litvin graduated the Moscow Financial Institute and began engaging in contemporary art in 1990.
He’s held 11 personal exhibitions, more than 30 actions and performances, shot 20 films and participated in group shows in Moscow, London, Berlin, Geneva, Vienna, Prague, Baden-Baden and New York.
Litvin also took part in the 2005 Venice Biennale (Russian Pavilion) and the 2002 Manifesta Biennale in Frankfurt, among others.


In the ONTHEGROUND series Litvin presents drawings on sandpaper, which were made using water out on asphalt streets in temperatures of around -20 degrees Celsius.
His work is a kind of social communication with a deeply personal, dramatic component. Litvin adopts the role of a conductor, trying to evince the energy, the texture of the asphalt, the inner life of the material.
His typology is based on the principle of montage, in which formal elements flow on from each other like frames in a film. A crack in the asphalt becomes a line that cleaves the project as well. Litvin’s system of imagery includes an archaic approach in which “dancing” figures, representing the different phases of human life, acquire the character of a universal code. Working in such temperatures, the artist cannot permit himself any mistakes, inasmuch as the water turns instantly into ice, and the very method of work underlines the fragility and vulnerability of human life in the modern world.
Even the name of the project implies the game of opposites that is playing out here. ONTHEGROUND suggests our existence in transitional states, between the act of creating an image and its destruction, and between life in the thick of the metropolis and an awareness of the underground.

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