Chuykov Ivan

chujkov300Born in 1935 in Moscow, Russia in the family of the artists S.A. Chuikov (1902-1980) and E.A. Malenina (1903-1984).
1949–1954 Moscow Art School
1954–1960 Moscow State Art Institute (Surikov)
1960–1962 Art Teacher in Art College in Vladivostok
1957 1st Show Participation. 7th World Youth Festival in Moscow
Since 1967 Membership of the Artists Union
Since 1977 Participation in Exhibitions abroad
Lives and works in Germany and in Russia.

The eight new works created over the past two years represent eight parts of a single whole, which depicts easily recognizable signs. The artist rejects the use of canvas, instead selecting the Window as his work surface. It is precisely through his chosen form and the fragmented nature of the image that the artist achieves the effect of figures moving in space.

Working with ideological signs, artist points to their their emptiness. The appropriation of one and the same sign by varying, sometimes mutually hostile organizations transforms it into an ideologically ambivalent substance. Owing to its capacity for endless interpretation, the sign divests itself of its symbolic meaning, ceases to signify anything at all, and becomes meaningless. By placing neutral signs alongside ideological ones, the artist once again underscores the vacuous nature of the latter.

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