Dazhina Vera

1944-2014 (Moscow)
In 1969 graduated from the department of history of art in Lomonosov MSU. Since 1998 – Doctor of Fine Arts. In 1993 formed the School of the contemporary art Free workshops. In 1999 began cooperation with the MMOMA , acted as expert and curator. Since 1984 – member of the Union of artists. Since 1992 – member of AICA. 2008-2010 member of the organizing committee of I and II Moscow international biennials of young art. Published more than 150 scientific works.

This book presents the fullest analysis of European art before, during and after the World War I.
The book provides the widest panorama of artworks both of war veterans and official military artists from warring countries: England, France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. A special chapter is dedicated to the centers of intellectuals’ emigration to the USA and Switzerland. The emergence of Dadaism as a counter-cultural impulse is also described in this book. The special attention is paid to Berlin Dada. In conclusion the author gives characteristics of development of art in the postwar period. The book is full of illustrations and has short biographies of artists-participants of the war.

This monograph is the last research of Vera Dazhina, Doctor of Fine Arts, Professor in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, specialist in culture and art of Italy from the Renaissance to our days, founder of the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops. In this book for the first time in Russian historiography the art of the World War I period is considered within a wide cultural and historical context. The main styles and directions of premilitary art are thoroughly analyzed, with inclusion of avant-garde experiments like fauvism, cubism, futurism and expressionism. The history of the European wartime art is touched for the first time with such breadth.


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