Dmitry Bulnygin

Без имени-1Born in Novosibirsk
1990 – Graduated from Architectural Institute of Novosibirsk
Since 1990 – freelance artist
Since 1999 – video and multi media
Since 2000 – director of ESF (Extra Short Film festival)
Since 2001 – performing as vj db
1999-2004 – projects with “Blue Noses” art-group
Since 2004 – live and works in Moscow
2015 “Nothing is perfect”, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow – last solo show
Fish tank
The project is a video installation employing video mapping technology to create an illusion of a tilted aquarium filled with a mass of fish that is projected onto a parallelepiped From time to time the water level in the tank drops at a high speed. Because of the disturbance, fish moves chaotically, and in pauses between falls in the water level, it tries to occupy a favorable position at the water’s edge to gain access to oxygen. This process is cyclical because once the fish finds itself in a dry aquarium, at this very moment the water starts to come back, filling the tank to the top. The project is an allegory of life; the history of mankind is fast forwarded showing with equal speed how mankind multiplies and consumes what is needed for

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