Dmitry Kawarga

kawargaLiving and working in the Moscow suburbs,
Dmitry Kawarga has a theatrical-art education.
Since 1991 he has participated in exhibits in Russia and Europe.
In 2007 he won the B.N. Eltzin competition at the museum.
That same year, he began working in the area of scienceart and biomorphic radicals.

Topography of Creative Evolution (Kulik’s Hair)

An artist’s creative consciousness is a very complicated process, developing both in time and space. Its material projection — the installation Kulik’s Hair — has similar behavior. The first 20-meter-object keeps its plastic structure and clarity, a kind of energetic convolution. But with further development it gradually enters a vague and amorphous area, splitting up into separate structures occupied by worms and insects.
The exhibit also contains fragmentary segments — alcoholic topographic slices are placed in special glass containers. These are a materialization of the artist’s abstract consciousnesses, projecting his levels of creative evolution.
Staying with a theme of interactive tendencies, Dmitry Kawarga’s new exhibition explores the thought flows of onlookers. His research shows that the human brain is always bioelectrically active. Its patterns are complicated – never-repeating combinations of different rhythms (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.) which are changing every second. A computer program to read these patterns was created especially for the exhibition. Selective activation of multiple soundtracks takes place depending on changes in the readings of the meters; in this way, the object responds to the bioactivity of the viewer’s brain. In other words, the installation behaves differently according to the thoughts and emotions of onlookers.

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