Dmitry Kawarga

kawargaBorn in Moscow and studied art. He has exhibited in Russia and abroad since 1998, and is one of few Russian artists working with advanced technologies. His most significant works of recent years are based on a synthesis of science, art and technology, and take the form of interactive, kinetic science-art objects and installations created with scientists, programmers and engineers.

The exhibition “Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12” features a dozen large sculptures combined in an installation that is an incarnation of Kawarga’s long-standing vision of the end of the world. These sculptures are as metaphorical as they are literal in their reflection of the artist’s thinking about the subtlety of the transition, in the evolution of humanity, from chaos to structure and back again. It is a metaphysical view of the human being as a tiny part of the environment, and as inseparable from the Earth and its resources.
The artist is drawn to questions concerning the evolution of the human species and the cyclical nature of this process, which proceeds in spirals and is expressed in repetitions and overlappings of different forms that emerge from the depths of civilization.
Kawarga’s project for the pop/off/art Gallery reinforces his status as one of the originators of the new national sculptural style, as well as an artist capable of using plastic forms to address serious issues, such as the terrifying prospect of the end of the world. The exhibit also continues the concept of paleogeomorphology, which has been developed by Kawarga in his projects in recent years, and includes objects from the “Paleogeomorphological Core” series. These are cultural “rock samples” — artifacts of civilization.

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Sergei Popov

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