Evgeny Granilshchikov

granilshikovBorn in 1985 in Moscow, graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literature with a specialty in photojournalism (2009) and the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (workshop of Igor Mukhin, 2013). Longlisted for the Kandinsky Prize 2012 in the Young Artist: Project of the Year category. Lives and works in Moscow.

“Fugue” is a sound installation that aurally recreates a nonexistent film from 1946. The script was written in the style of a postwar Hollywood film. It tells the story of two lead characters who arrive in Rio. The narrative is built on sounds, dialogue and music characteristic of movies in that era. Each scene has its own sound, thanks to which it becomes clear where the events are taking place. The installation is premised on the ambiguous nature of sound, which makes it impossible, or at least very difficult, to precisely interpret certain scenes.
The installation takes the form of a small cinema. In the gloomy lighting we see rows of red chairs, but there is no picture, screen or projector. The acoustic system works in such a way that we find ourselves within the unfolding plot, and all of the sounds — the voices, the noise of the cars, the humming of the street — act on our imaginations.

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