Evgeny Granilshchikov

granilshikovBorn in 1985 in Moscow and graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literature with a specialism in photojournalism (2009) and the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (workshop of Igor Mukhin, 2013). Longlisted for the Kandinsky Prize in 2012 in the Young Artist: Project of the Year category. Lives and works in Moscow.

The main characters in the film “Positions” are three political activists. Alexander, Veronika and Anna live in a spacious Stalin-style apartment, study political texts and criticize the tools of modern governments. The relationships between the members of the group change when Alexander (who is also an artist) unexpectedly decides to go to Vienna. The others consider this a betrayal. His act is cause for each of the characters to state their political positions in detail and return to the question of the artist’s role amid political instability.

The film is shown as a three-channel installation. Its plot is divided between the screens: On the first screen we see the beginning of the story, on the second — its middle, and on the third — its conclusion. This is not so much a way to deconstruct a narrative as an attempt to rethink the structure of film. The priority here is working with the installation form.

The content of the film is also deconstructed: Different cinematographic styles and ways of shooting emphasize temporal discontinuity and the characters’ dialogue is formed of quotes from various theoretical texts and films. In spite of the collision of contexts and languages belonging to different eras, viewers watch a logical story in which the question of modernity remains open.

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