Filatov Artem & Chernyshev Vladimir

tg_zh-_tb_tl-preview300Vova Chernyshev (1992) and Artem Filatov (1991).
Partisipants in Biennale of Street Art “Artmossfera” (Art play, Moscow, 2014), IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, (Moscow Museum, 2014), paralel programm of The European Biennial of Contemporary Art «Manifesta 10», (St. Petersburg, 2014), exhibition “High Hopes Museum”, The National Center of Contemporary Arts “Arsenal”, Nizhny Novgorod. Long list for nomination “Art in public space” at Sergey Kuryokhin prise for contemporary arts,

Empty House
The Wooden Architecture in Russia is increasingly losing its value in the eyes of the vast majority of residents. Historic Centres of changing the look of wood to concrete and glass, high-rise, people leave the villages to leave their homes. Traditional folk life and spirit are ethnographic curiosity and quickly go into oblivion. Wood – the most natural, the natural material for building in human culture – consciously or unconsciously return nature to its original chaos. Wooden house – part of a vanishing world, nearly departed into oblivion, leaving behind artifacts, secrets and treasures that have to do almost no one.
The idea of ​​the project – from specially collected materials, including fragments of the authentic old houses, destroyed or abandoned to create a museum space in a wooden building – a symbol of all the wooden structures and their connections with the real world. For some, the wooden building – an architectural monument for someone historical artifact, someone there sees an example of harmony and skill, and someone pulls the contemplation of the humble of dilapidation and decay, that in Japan called “wabi-sabi “.
Materials to build the house were collected by us in the Nizhny Novgorod region – in the villages of Chud, Martyushiha, Monakovo Istomin and Mogilitsa, as well as in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. When building a house for us it was important to maintain the natural structure of the old wall, laying out the board so that the color and texture of the surfaces coincide and complement each other.

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