Grigory Yuschenko

yuschenko_08_0Born in 1986. Lives in St. Petersburg. Member of Protez Group (along with Igor Mezheritsky and Alexander Vilkin). Participant in the Parazit Gallery Creative Association (2005-2006).

The project Insect Stings/strong>

Grigory Yushchenko’s works from the series The Bites of Insects, made on posters stolen from information stands, are the distorted transmission of informational nonsense which abuses our brains every hour and every minute. The works of this artist carry a message, coming from a inhabitant of the Earth who has gone absolutely nuts, who has suddenly awoken in this time of madness, advertising, small business and enigmatically-revolting faces on TV and he absolutely does not understand what is going on. In such a situation what remains is only to mock, hoping that further distortion of the already distorted world will lead to its collapse. In the Bites of Insects notes of social protest might be seen, if one very much wants to, but that is falsity, in reality all these works are directed against society as such. As far as I know, Yushenko and the art group PROTEZ, of which he is a member, take the removal and further enhancement of advertising posters quite seriously, like a guerilla act of sabotage and say that if everyone were to do the same “the world would become much better”. In this case such art is similar to spitting into the face of a demiurge. It is full of heroic foolishness behind which stands the hopeless belief in the liberation of the Earth. The main thing is that it is done not with pathos, but very, very cheerfully.

L. Kuyalnik

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