Konstantin Latyshev

LatyshevSolo exhibitions in Moscow (1995, 1996, 2006), Cologne (1993) and Dusseldorf(1999). Has participated in international exhibitions in Germany, Italy, the United States, Finland, France and Japan.

In Konstantin Latyshev’s Empire of Good, Russian capitalism appears as something of a joke. The artist, who gained vast experience in information management while working in advertising, builds his works from pictures he finds on the Internet, then adds playful and absurd captions. The captions and words attributed to the people in the photos don’t just change the meaning of the images; they animate them. Out of this constantly migrating, identity-deprived visual garbage (is the pretty girl advertising a tour agency, a shampoo or a bank?) comes a genre painting that lays bare the subconscious of the advertising image’s consumer. Latyshev’s work is bold and fruitful because no viewer can remain neutral when his brain is constantly processing the artist’s new twists on old clicheїs. And Latyshev is no stranger to biting political satire. To an image of an AK-47 he gives the title “Peacemaker.” And it’s true — for some reason, the so-called peacemakers are always well-armed. Entire armies of “observers” are constantly running between Western countries and high-tension regions. And according to Latyshev, the eye is always armed. Though this may not be a new idea, Latyshev’s headstrong presentation of it is, quite possibly, the most relevant in our time.
Valentin Dyakonov

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