Aleksei Garikovich

garikovich_lBorn in 1980. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Winner of the competition “EIDOS 06/07”. Finalist of the “Kandinsky Prize”-2007 in the category of “Young Artist of the Year”. Participated in the exhibition “The Ecology of Perception 2” in Samara in 2008. A participant of the IV All-Russian Competition of Young Artists n. a. P. M. Tretyakov. Participated in the special programme of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2009. Lives and works in Moscow.

Button Accordion
Lyokha Garikovich’s installation is called ButtonAccordion. Lengthening self-expression using the diagonal of a flat screen, illuminating the facing part of life with the bulb of a processor, existing amongst the electric eyes of office equipment, more and more, people are trusting their longevity to electrical appliances. Thereby, people do not notice how their dependence on things grows with each second and when there is no electricity – time stops, life loses its colour and man is left face to face with the sharp edge of his biography. The close working partnership of man with new technologies leads to an increase in the speed of life, while distance and time remain unchanged. And this leads to an inadequate evaluation of the situation and to a change in values, with the subsequent substitution of cultural strata.
Lyokha Garikovich


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