Liliya Zhiganshina

zhiganshinaРодилась в 1990 году в Москве. Окончила Российский государственный университет туризма и сервиса (кафедра художественного проектирования предметно-пространственной среды). Участница российских и московских выставок и конкурсов.

Nowadays social networks are the whole world for some people. They entered our lives just a few years ago and it is hard to imagine how we lived before they appeared. At first there was just a blank, white space, and any social activity was a surprise to us. Now no one notices the fascinating events and photographs.
“Life in an Example From a Social Network. Entry into History” is a kind of photo diary that serves as a visual notebook for your future self. The service, introduced in October 2010, has become a habit for most of humanity in the space of two years. It is everywhere, and the only thing you need to join in this cultural activity is the smartphone in your pocket. Every single image is a record of a moment from your life. The importance of the moment is irrelevant.
The only question that remains is, how long will this all last? Won’t it all revert back to the blank, white space?
In this project I wanted to show the importance or transience of the phenomenon of social networking.

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