Marina Zvyagintseva

zvyagintseva_mA member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and of the Moscow Union of Artists. Works in the unique technique – monotype on canvas and objects, combining it with video. She participated in the 2nd Moscow Biennale (project “I believe”), curator of the special project “Residential area” for Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Life in a dream and in reality, or Residential area
Marina Zvyagintseva’s next project combines two elements which have already become the author’s brands – the use of the unique technique of monotype and the exploitation of the theme of the city outskirts, the so-called “residential area”. She has not only brought expressive monotype into the “lexicon” of current Art, but from her own experience knows the “delights” of the standard development of the “residential area” and life in it, because the gallery and her home are situated in the Zhulebino area. However, this work is not about Zhulebino specifically. The uncomfortable, old-regime iron bed of a doleful-grey colour, above which hovers an almost real concrete block with a hallucinatory video-film is the materialised allegory of contemporary Russian life. Outside the windows there is the concrete roughness of monotony, hanging massively above you, and only the artist guarantees the final solution, not going to the end. Not television, but handmade monotype (a technique which does not predetermine the final) may become your dream. Maybe heavy, maybe light. But getting rid of the vicious informational noise won’t be possible on an uncomfortable bed anyway. “Residential area” – but one cannot sleep. Zombies do not sleep, looking at the screen of MTV or EuroNews.
Dozing is served.
Alexander Panov


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