Milk & Vodka

milk&vodka_1milk&vodka_2Art-group Milk and Vodka (Leningrad) was created by Stas Bags and Petr Papasov in 2002. Exhibitions: 2009 – XIV biennial of young artistsMuseum of Contemporary Art Scopje (Makedonia), Personal exhibition in the gallery G 18 (Helsinki), Art about Art State Russian Museum, My Moscow (installation with mechanics), Start gallery, Winzavod (Moscow).

Artists make viewers encounter the situation of the illusory perception of an object’s size and volume, of confined and infinite space, of the real and the imaginary. “My Moscow” is a study of a range of human phobias of the megalopolis, of the capital of Russia, based on the feelings of risk or danger, regardless of whether or not they are real. The installation “ Moscow” is the recognition of existential fears.
Any living creature (and man is no exception here) is influenced by opposite needs. One of them pushes him to explore new spaces, forcing him to travel to other cities and countries, to change his job or dwelling place. The other opposite need holds man in one place, frightening him with the unknown and the danger of changes.
“ Moscow – is in all respects a very heavy city to live in: beginning from the prices and ending with the energy and time spent travelling. The higher level of comfort, compared to other cities, justifies the considerable physical and moral costs of living in this city. But, nevertheless, Moscow is becoming a phobia: the architecture, the people, the layout, the climate – all of this influences the person’s psyche, especially of someone who has come here for a short time”.
The installation consists of a secret room, into which one can look through a mechanically opening fridge door. At the moment of opening the door, a tunnel unfolds before you, in the depths of which there is a mechanical component, a certain pulsating “nerve”. The viewer literally finds himself alone with his own feelings and thoughts, real memories and fantasies. In outward appearance, the installation looks like a solid steel wall, 4.5m high, with a Soviet period refrigerator, the “ MOSCOW” model, built into it.



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