Morozova Elizaveta

портрет  от П.Смертина300Born in Moscow. 1995-2000 – International Laboratory of Paratheatrical Forms, branch of the Saint-Peterburgian State Academy of Theatrical Arts, “New Art Strategies” School (ICA, Moscow). 1995-2003 – the member of Emergency Exit Group. 2000-2007 – the member of ESCAPE program. Took part in more than 160 exhibitions in 19 countries (Venice Biennale (together with ESCAPE program, 2005); Praquebiennale (2003); PERFORMA (2011), Moscow Biennale (2005-2013), Thessaloniki Biennale (Greece, 2011).

The Mother Russia
“This openly anti-war work was shown on April 30, 2014, when the political conflict surrounding Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the so-called ‘federalization’ of the Donbass region was moving full steam ahead. In Russia, this work was possibly the first reaction to the political events; at the very least, it was the first to take place in a major institutional art space in Moscow.
As part of her performance, … the totally naked artist had taped her eyes shut using non-transparent tape and was feeling her way around the room. Taped to her head was a remote-controlled toy tank. Any audience member could make the tank «fire» using the remote control. The shots fired by the toy tank perceptibly resonated inside the artist’s head. Periodically, the artist tried to break the burden on her head by hitting it against the wall or floor….
The performance…was full of eloquent details. The remote control for the tank, which was passed around freely and used for fun. The shots fired from the artist’s ‘deployment’ position, shots which she did not instigate but also could not control. The fragile plastic tank, which the performer, nevertheless, was not able to break. The audience members, who stepped aside in embarrassment in response to the artist’s desire to interact with them as she walked around with outstretched arms.”

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