Nastya Kuzmina

kuzminaBorn in 1989 in Ulyanovsk and graduated from the Kosygin Moscow State Textile University (2011). Currently a student at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (in “Photography, Sculpture, Video,” the workshop of Sergei Bratkov). Lives and works in Moscow.

The obsession with things, the obsession with quantity, color, tactility – it’s like a disease, it is the most acceptable form of striving in society. You take something and after a few minutes you want something else, your eyes burn, your eyes seek out images that are newer, more unique. They succeed each other in an instant: the old for the new, the new for the newer. You are deceived, your body acquires new layers, it becomes one of the system’s accumulators, it turns into a growth.
This is how the inner emptiness is filled.
The urge to possess things has become a catalyst for feelings, the emptiness gives rise to need, need must be satisfied. Your sensitivity grows inside you and tries to burst out into the open. Your sensitivity is merely an indivisible part of the culture of consumption.

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