Natalia Khlebtsevich, Grigory Kapelyan

khlebtsevichkapelyanNatalia Khlebtsevich was born in Moscow in 1971. Graduated from the Moscow Higher School of Art and Industry (formerly the Stroganov Institute, department of ceramics), with postgraduate study (history of art) at the same institution, where she became an associate professor. Long-listed for the Kandinsky Prize 2009 in the “Project of the Year” nomination.
Grigory Kapelyan was born in Leningrad in1940. Graduated from the Repin State Institute in Leningrad (faculty of the theory and history of art, 1963). Member of the groups One Composition and The Ladder. Emigrated to the USA in 1978. Sometimes uses the pseudonym Dr. Grabov.

Word and Deed

This project focuses on the linguistic phenomenon of words that come in pairs, such as “tried and true.” These double-acts are like bricks in the masonry of our basic cultural awareness. We have a great many of them, and even though we do not feel their presence in the warehouse of our memo­ry, they signal their availability like a flash light as soon as we encounter something that they can la­bel: war and peace, bread and butter, odds and ends, leaps and bounds, apples and oranges, do’s and don’ts, P’s and Q’s… These word couplings work as semantic tools, reliable and commonplace, that help us understand a thing or event, recognize its value, approve it or poke fun at it, and pigeonhole it. These lexical duos — these Siamese twins — are ways of expressing agreement or hostility, love or ha­tred, compassion or indifference. They are universally available formulae for human interaction, in­tellectual experience and political discourse, and will remain in our language for a long time to come.

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