Oleg Dou

dou_08_0Born in 1983. Lives in Moscow. Graduate student at MoscowStateInstitute of Steel and Alloys. Has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Brussels and Paris (2006-2007).

Toystory series

There is a particular well-established view of the child as being a pure and chaste little person. One cannot argue with this assertion, but it cannot be ascribed to the adult part of the society when the child grows up. Sometimes it turns out that as the child is growing up and gaining social experience some sort of breakdown occurs. The reasons should be sought in the society which nurtures the person.
Project Toystory consists of a series of 8 large-sized (180x180cm) photographs, out of which at the viewer gaze children’s faces. This “child project” on “adult themes” in its own way opens the question of man’s self-identification in the world. In the given case — of a small child in the adult world. It is no secret that in the contemporary epoch of global techno-progress there has appeared for children far more possibilities of ending up in completely different dimensions, other than reality. In the first place, what is meant here is computer games and television. Putting on the masks of such and such heroes the child plays, frequently not realizing where the border is between reality and the invented virtual-play world.

As in the adult world we, the consumers, have imposed upon us glamorous clichés in glossy magazines, so in the child’s consciousness are models of behaviour and thinking being generated. The child finds himself in the captivity of the behaviour models which the society and the media have imposed upon him. They are not always positive…

A. Tarasova

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