Отдельнов Павел Otdelnov Pavel

Pavel Otdelnov3001979 born in Dzerzhinsk, (Nizhny Novgorod region), Russia.
1999 graduated Nizhniy Novgorod Art college.
2005 graduated Surikov Art Institute
2013-2015 student of ICA (Institut of Contemporary Art), Moscow

The Internal Degunino.

The Internal Degunino project is a good example of the artist’s use of the language of painting to solve his artistic and conceptual tasks. The project arouses a painful feeling of vast empty spaces of the city suburbs. As if someone creates a 1:1 scale-model of the city, collecting some elements of standard parts, but it is not still ready. The flat landscape covered with the grey urban snow together with residential areas creates the illusion of abandonment of alien objects, which serve as a shelter for the nightand happiness of tens of thousands of people. As if seen blurred vision, elements of the urban landscape transform into symbols of themselves, emerging from obscurity for a moment and disappearing again as soon as the viewer changes his gaze direction. The characters of paintings are subway passengers or P44 series panel buildings, or bright shopping centers. The artist seems to recreate the period of stagnation in the life of an urban inhabitant, the moment of his travels over the conventional West Degunino district, when surrounding real objects are scenery for teleportation to a tiny cell of the life with a sofa, dinner and a TV rather than a part of the life. Every day millions of people pass this way, followed by power lines, and erase it from their life, treating it as a period of meaningless solitude.

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