Roman Sakin

saikin_rBorn in 1976 inKursk. Graduated from AHPU n.a. Vasnetsov (1997) and MGPHU n. a. Stroganov (2005). Participated in the exhibitions: Moscow International Symposium for Sculpture, Moscow (2003), the Annual Exhibitions of Young Art “Masterskaya”, MMMA, Moscow (2005-2007); the Festival of Young Art “Halt! Who Goes There?”, SCCA, Moscow (2005-2006); I Moscow International Biennale of Young Art “Halt! Who Goes There?” the project “Laboratoria. Experiment 1”, Laboratoria Art & Science Space (2008). Solo exhibitions: the exhibition “k. b. %1”, Gallery “ArtStrelka projects” (2007), MMMA “Les” (2009); performance “Elementary Particles”, Vinzavod (2009).

C. S.
Controllable sculpture – C. S. consists of mobile parts, the moving of which results in its transformation. The moving takes place using manipulators or manually. The main difference of C. S. from kinetic sculpture is that in kinetic sculpture movement is the most important, but in C. S. the final points are the most important. The outward appearance of C. S. in contrast to kinetic sculpture depends much on the abilities of the user.

On controllable sculpture.
It seems that it should have appeared long ago and developed successfully, but for some reason it did not happen. It could have appeared in the beginning of the 20th century along with the appearance of kinetic sculpture, or a lot earlier, some time in the Middle Ages, or together with the appearance of the organ, there are many such options. Of course, there were always similar things in theatre, but the function of such controllable constructions was very different. Making controllable sculpture today, I cannot jump all the stages of its evolution. I had to start from the very beginning. That is precisely why the sculpture “Les” looks quite archaic and is in the early stage of its evolution.In the future I see it as a high-tech instrument, capable of creating any forms in space and used for the home, work and leisure.
Roman Sakin


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