Sergey Shutov

shutov_sBorn 16 October 1955 inPotsdam ( Germany). He does not have an artistic education. Painter, graphic artist, the author of objects, installations and works created using computer technology. Video-artist. Musician. Curator of Contemporary Art exhibitions. The author of articles on the theory of Contemporary Art and of the Art of new media. Lives and works in Moscow.

New Molokhovets
Anarchism-biocosmism suggested the concept of other space-time coordinates of the total liberation of man and humanity. In counterbalance to the earlier utopian doctrine, an attempt was made to formulate ideas moving the realisation of the ideals of anarchism beyond the boundaries of the near future. Objectively this helped solve the tasks of preserving the fundamental values of anarchism, revise a series of its provisions, promote a new utopia, which functioned as an anti-utopia in relation to the utopias of the previous anarchism. Anarchism-biocosmism understood political liberation as one of the by-products of Space exploration, of the mastery of objective reality’s infinite parameters and of time control. “Natural oppression” and the dependence on Nature were looked upon as the bases of all forms of social oppression, and the future victory of mankind over Nature – as the only real way of social liberation. The necessity of the transition from man’s power over man to man’s power over Nature, to the organising of the Universe was proclaimed.

Biocosmists also showed themselves to be those who popularized several of the natural-sciences and technical achievements. In politics biocosmism originally emerged as one of the movements of non-classical anarchism, and later, after the split amongst the biocosmists in 1922, a purely anarchic wing (anarchism-biocosmism) and a radical-left movement of a broader political orientation (“Cosmic maximalism”) appeared.
Udartsev S. F. “The Political and Legal Theory of Anarchism in Russia”, M., Forum-M, 1994. p. 285

Such a relationship of man and the world – is the condition of the realisation of the central idea of the philosophy of Russian Cosmism: of the potential equality of the world and of man, whose predestination is to inhabit the world, the Universe. This very project is studied in S. Shutov’s work “New Malahovets”. The recipes of the most popular cookery book are the recipes for the exploration of Space, possibly hostile, possibly friendly, but the only possible home of new mankind.
Sergey Shutov

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