Victoria Lomasko, Anton Nikolaev

lomaskoVictoria Lomasko and Anton Nikolaev have been working together for three years. Their common interests are the problems of provinces, an old age, mental disorder and “Tagansky justice”.
They travel the country, reviving the ethics of the peredvizhniki in contemporary art.
They speak a new “people’s” language — the strategy of infiltration of the mass media space.
They participate in Russian and international comic exhibitions. Their book, Province, was published in 2010 by BoomKniga.

Tagansky Justice

The project Tagansky Justice represents a series of reports from court sessions against the organizers of the Forbidden Art — 2006 exhibition for inciting religious hatred. In our “broadcasting” project, we tried to unite judicial drawings with alternative comics — on the one hand, it is documentary sketches; on the other, all events are arranged with comments. Speech bubbles are used with the recorded remarks of participants.
The initial idea was to widely distribute information about the process using mass media. The next step was to find a proper language to communicate with society about actual problems of contemporary art. The language of documentary comics appears to be working. This project was unexpectedly widely circulated.
The comics language is certainly not news to the Moscow contemporary art community (see works by L. Tishkov, Z. Litichevsky, N. Alekseev, G. Ostretsov, PG), but it was not used either in the tradition of social reports in Joe Sacco’s style, or in domestic tradition like concentration camp drawings, blockade diaries and military albums. Our attempts to investigate the boundaries of this language led to following stages of the project:
1. We attended street protest actions with artists and included these plots in our comics.
2. We published a set of Tagansky Justice postcards.
3. We took part in international comic festivals.
4. We tested different ways to show our work in different spaces.

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