Vitaly Kopachev

KopachevExhibiting in Moscow since 1988, with solo exhibitions in 1991, 1993, 1996 (with Elena Kopacheva) and 2003. Has participated in international exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Poland. Director of the Gallery A3 exhibition hall in Moscow (since 1989).

Vitaly Kopachev’s Renaissance and Impossible Connections address the fate of abstract painting in the 21st century. Both series are produced with tempera and wrapping paper, materials that proclaim simplicity while rhyming with Kopachev’s clean composition, pure colors and sense of geometric structure. Kopachev believes the construction of a painting matters, and he eschews central composition and traditional aesthetics. Renaissance is inspired by Italian painting of the 14th and the 15th centuries, in which Kopachev finds abstraction. The titles of the works in this series (Planet Francesca, Taming of the Dragon, Dream of the Knights, etc.) suggest narrative, which is difficult to combine with abstract painting, and the theme develops only by visual tension. Nor does Impossible Connections, where geometric shapes come up against surrealist detail, produce a recognizable subject. The difference between Kazimir Malevich’s methodical avant-garde Utopia and Wassily Kandinsky’s search for pure abstraction holds great significance for Kopachev. Aiming to stay within abstraction, he is inspired by Kandinsky’s intention to “only create works where decorative detail will play a major part.” Both series have been produced with this intent.
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