Vladimir Arkhipov

arkhipovBorn 1961 in Ryazan, Arkhipov received a higher technical education and is a self-taught artist. He has worked as an engineer in the construction business. He began exhibiting in 1990, and since 1994 he has maintained a database of handmade, utilitarian, everyday objects, and is the proprietor of www.folkforms.ru.

Homemade Russia. People do these things themselves and for themselves. These are neither art objects nor decorations but rather functional everyday things such as carts, antennas, shelves, benches, chairs and many other things that are hard to even classify and describe. These things have never been commodities. They have never been copied, but they have a creator, and we know the time and place of their creation. They were not made to serve fashion or the demands of the art market and are stunningly sincere. Their authors are ordinary people who did not set themselves an artistic goal but inexplicably stumbled on glorious forms.
So what does my job consist of if we’re showing things made by other people? It is about finding these “invisible” things, interacting with and interviewing their creators, and of course shining a spotlight on their masterpieces. My project is obviously based on my having a strong artistic reaction to something when I see it and my wish to share it with audiences. The results of my quest are always unpredictable. “I don’t know where I go or what I seek.” Still, I am convinced that the paradigm “I am an artist” will soon be replaced by the paradigm “He is an artist.” In this direction there are inexhaustible resources for the development of art. This is the future of art.
The dictates of life are not obvious to audiences, and for them art has long been artificial. We are returning the truth of life to art. It is not only the chosen ones who can create beauty – beauty has been carelessly dispersed everywhere, and even these gnarled doodads contain an ocean of pulchritude and harmony.

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