Vladimir Potapov

potapovBorn in 1980, Volgograd
2000-01 Institute of Arts P.I. Serebriakova, Volgograd,
2001-08 Workshop Machov BI.. Volzhski
2009-10 – Institute problem of contemporary art, Moscow
2010-11 – “Free Workshops” MMoMA
2013 -“The Open School MediaArtLab”
1st place competition “Monument Moscow kings», Colta.ru, 2013
2nd place competition “riot of colors” Fund Konstantin Smirnov and Vladimir Sorokin
Finalist of the international competition «Portret now”, Denmark, 2013


In 2013, less than three months in Volgograd happened three terrorist attack , which killed 42 people . Author of the project , a native of this city, within 5 years went to university bus that exploded during the first attack. This tragedy was abroad , who shared the story of the city on the before and after.
The project consists of three rooms: the first associated with natural disaster, plague birds in august 2013 in Moscow, in the interpretation of author omen foreboding evil events . The artist refers to himself as a carrier of mythological consciousness . The second – a series of paintings on the socio- political unrest in the countries since the plague occurred birds. Works made with black pigment , but without the direct participation of the author – images appear under falling of pigment , as a metaphor for the manifestation of the political process until then hidden . The author connects the destabilizing socio -political situation around the world with one big process of global change , whose importance will only grow.
Third – installation, reproducing the first few minutes after the attack in the Volgograd station.
“The artist recognizes his impotence before the course of events and , moreover , argues that attempts to individualize effort relatively meaningless tragedy of this magnitude . And in society , from one year to passively standing under attack another political showdown , there is only dry dust without the will to change. ”
Valentin Dyakonov

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