Vladimir Smolyar

smolyarBorn in 1968 in Bolton, England. He graduated from the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (1992) and the Institute of Business Studies at the Academy of National Economy (2007). Longlisted for the Sergi Kurekhin Prize (2009) and the Kandinsky Prize 2011.

Vladimir Smolyar’s “The Art of Fugue” was created especially for the exhibition “John Cage. Silent Presence” and demonstrates the relevance of the ideas of Cage and Marcel Duchamp and their evolution in the modern culture. This work is related to artifacts in the field of contemporary acoustics that constitute the tradition of paradoxical ways of producing sounds. It is composed of ready-made objects — a piano and a bicycle wheel (rotating with the cyclic repetition of hidden phase movements in Cage’s “4’33”) and threads linking the piano with the surrounding world. The bicycle wheel references traditions stemming from Marcel Duchamp, while the piano, which was always used in actions by futurists and members of the Fluxus movement, points to the particular context in which the art of John Cage exists. “The Art of Fugue” itself is “silent” in its own localized space but is able to emit sound in acoustic performances, as occurred during a performance by composer Sergei Zagniy.
As well as a new contextual image, Vladimir Smolyar’s “The Art of Fugue” also possesses unique features that combine the purity of visual traditions and a radicalism of form. It is universal and can exist in any artistic space, combining sound, image and intellectual context into one whole.

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