Vladimir Smolyar

smolyarBorn in 1968 in Bolton (UK). Graduated from the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (1992) and the Institute of Business and Business Administration of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (2007). In his work he utilizes the creative efforts of a large number of participants and sees his role primarily as a collaborator, and does not view himself as an author.


TREATISE is an attempt to create an infinite text based on mathematical logic, statistics, the semiot­ics of non-objective language and multimedia technologies. In the installation two contexts interact: the medieval idea of the Biblical Judgment and the meta­phor of scales for weighing souls, and the modern understanding of the world as a global market for the fetishized consumer products of postindustrial society (in the form of credits for an apocalyptic blockbuster with a final scene along the lines of: “a big red star that was formerly the sun engulfs the exhausted shell of our Earth”). The music has been chosen very deliberately. Anton Batagov’s “Tet­ractys,”* an arrangement for string orchestras, is based on the cosmology of Pythagoreans, who “named the various notes of the diatonic scale, based on calculations of the rate and size of the heav­enly bodies.”** * The installation features a recording of “Tetractys” (2001) performed by the OPUS POSTH ensemble (director: Tatyana Grindenko). Performers: Tatyana Grindenko (violin), Elena Poluyanchenko (violin), Lyudmila Yegorova (viola), Vladimir Metelev (viola), Nikita Kocher­gin (violoncello), Igor Solokhin (double-bass). Recorded by Vladimir Koptsov in the Maly Zal of the Moscow Conservatory on Oct. 19–20, 2003. Mixing, editing and mastering: XMZ. Producer: Nikolai Dmitriev. ** Manly P. Hall, “An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabalistic and Rosicru­cian Symbolic Philosophy”

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